Welcome To The Real World

Sunday 14th August 2011


Welcome To The Real World

Welcome To The Real World

Having spent the past two weeks reading complaint after moan from British F1 fans, having to pay to watch F1 as of next year I have just one thing to say: welcome to the real world!

I live in South Africa and have spent many years having to pay for Formula One coverage and for that I receive all practices live, qualifying live and the race live.

I don't get any build-up except from our SuperSport presenters and at times that leaves a lot to be desired.

They finally head over to BBC coverage about five minutes before the race so there are no pre-race interviews, no grid walks, just three guys on SuperSport - none of which have any F1 experience, they are just fans with general knowledge - sharing their thoughts.

I don't get post-race interviews with team bosses, drivers, etc - I barely get the press conference.

I don't get any interactive features - press my red button and my DSTV box looks at me like I'm an idiot.

It's not much but I get what I want, want I crave, I get Formula One action.

And for this I pay over R620 (52 pounds of your English sterling) a month because, for the privelege of viewing a whole lot of nothing, there's no other choice but paying for the premium package.

I could take the R199 option, but that only gives me one sports channel and that channel NEVER shows Formula One.

So instead I pay a chunk of my salary every month so that I can watch 20 Formula One grands prix per season.

I do this because I love Formula One, because as most South Africans who love F1 will tell you the price of actually heading to a grand prix and watching it live is not something many can afford.

It would cost almost R10,000 just for a flight - and that's not including accommodation and it's definitely not including the price of a ticket for a grand prix weekend.

So I pay my premium price and I watch Formula One on TV.

I don't complain about it, I sure as hell don't believe my government should step in and stop it when the government has much bigger issues to deal with, and I don't write in to websites threatening to switch off and never watch F1 again.


Because I'm a Formula One fan and I live in the real world where if you want something you pay for it.

Michelle Foster

PS: In South Africa we also pay a license fee on top of DSTV.

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