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Jense not wiling to concede defeat

Saturday 12th May 2007



Jenson Button is not ready to throw in the towel on this season - despite it being the most frustrating of his career.

Button concedes a disastrous start to 2007 is far from the worst time he has endured during his seven years in Formula One.

That 'accolade' belongs to a pitiful 2001 when he claimed a mere two points from 17 races for Benetton, with a woeful car retiring six times.

Button, however, will struggle to better even that paltry total if Honda do not quickly provide him with a competitive car, starting with this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Improvements have been made in the intervening weeks since the previous grand prix in Bahrain, in particular with regard to the aerodynamics package.

Team-mate Rubens Barrichello disparagingly claimed recently that the car "acted like a parachute" down the straights, effectively dragging it back down the field towards the backmarkers.

There have been suggestions Honda should concentrate on building next year's car, and consign this season to the dustbin.

But despite the problems, Button said: "Without doubt this is the most frustrating period of my career because I know I am good enough to win the world championship.

"It's tough when you don't have a car to do that, but I'm pretty confident, as are the team, in my ability.

"But it's just more annoying than anything else because I know we can do a lot better than we have already, with the team building cars that should be challenging for wins.

"All you can do is be part of the team and push the team. Straight after Bahrain I went back to the factory, and everyone there had a briefing.

"We had a chat about a few things, and there are some positives - but not many."

Button insisted it would be wrong to write off the current campaign.

He added: "We know it's embarrassing for all of us. I want to achieve, but I wanted to let them know I am also giving everything.

"That's because they would be fighting a losing battle if they knew their drivers weren't interested any more this year.

"So everything we do this year is useful for next year. There are so many improvements coming, and if they work then they are going to be on next year's car.

"But while part of our focus is obviously on next year, we also need to be building parts now for this car.

"It's no good building next year's car - like we did with this one - only to find out it's not all there when we drive it.

"So we can't just focus on next year. We're still looking for good results this year, and there's still a lot to do this year.

"It's not as if we need to build a brand new car because there are still a lot of things right about the one now."

Button at least concedes the car is a lot more stable and that it has given him "the confidence to push," firmly believing they have "made ground on other people".

Whether that is enough to put a smile back on Button's face remains to be seen after finishing 15th and 12th in Australia and Malaysia, respectively, before crashing out early on in Bahrain.

For now, Button is throwing himself into a fitness regime in a bid to free his mind of the problems he is enduring.

"When I am away from the circuit, away from testing and I am not speaking to the team on the phone, I blank things out of my mind and just enjoy myself and try to relax," added Button.

"I've been doing a lot of training recently. It's been awesome actually, really good, and that takes your mind off a lot of things.

"That's important, because at the moment I can shout at the team as much as I want, but it's not going to change anything.

"So while we are making the changes that I think are going to work, then I need something to take my mind off stuff."

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