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'FOTA are not looking for a war with Mosley'

Saturday 6th June 2009



'FOTA are not looking for a war with Mosley'

'FOTA are not looking for a war with Mosley'

The Formula One Teams' Association do not want a war with FIA President Max Mosley, with the threat of a breakaway series to be considered only as a "worst-case scenario".

However, FOTA's unified front is beginning to weaken, with Force India the latest to break away from the organisation by submitting an unconditional entry to compete in next season's Championship.

FOTA vice-chairman John Howett will on Saturday meet with Force India owner Vijay Mallya, whose team's suspension from the body is set to be confirmed.

With Williams suspended 11 days ago after they lodged their entry, it is a case of 'and then there were eight'.

The situation is playing into the hands of Mosley, who will next Friday announce the 13 teams due to line up on the grid for 2010.

Force India had previously aligned with the other eight teams in submitting a conditional block entry last week, at the behest of Mosley.

But contractual obligations have now forced their hand, leaving Ferrari, Toyota, Renault, McLaren, BMW Sauber, Red Bull Racing, Toro Rosso and Brawn GP to maintain their stand-off with the FIA.

If Mosley rejects the block bid, preferring instead to go with the 10 potential new teams, plus Williams and Force India, FOTA will be forced to assess their options - which could mean their own series.

"From Toyota's position we are quite relaxed," reflected the Japanese manufacturer's motorsport president.

"We feel what we are asking is reasonable, but should the entries be rejected then we need to sit down and discuss the next step.

"We do have a number of scenarios and scenario-planning, based on the reaction of the FIA, and the worst-case scenario would be to establish our own series."

But it is a last resort as FOTA, although weakened in numbers, are determined to find a peaceful solution with Mosley.

"I've read in the last two weeks we are at war, but there's no war," insisted Renault boss Flavio Briatore.

"I saw a comment 'let's see who wins the war'. We don't want any war.

"We have a responsibility to our employees, to the fans of Formula One, so we don't want a war with anybody.

"What we want is governance and a system we've always had in Formula One - a Formula One Commission, a Concorde Agreement and stability.

"We want to cut the costs, to make Formula One more efficient. But it's not nice, it's destructive, if somebody says Renault, Toyota, BMW are no longer going to be in Formula One.

"We want to stay in the business, to have normal governance and to work with everybody, to work with Mr Mosley.

"We don't want a war with Mr Mosley. We don't want a war with Mr Ecclestone. We don't want a war with anybody.

"We want a better show, better entertainment, to make Formula One more efficient.

"It's nice if we work together to achieve the target, and what we want to achieve is much less than proposed by the Federation, but there are different ways to achieve it.

"But there's no war. There's no winner, no loser because in a war everybody loses.

"But then we are not waving a white flag. We are sitting down and accepting the bombardment we have day by day."

As Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali pointed out, FOTA are "trying to be constructive".

But they are not aided in their quest by Mosley remarking, if the teams want their own rules, "they can run their own Championship".

Underlining Briatore's comments, Domenicali added: "We don't want to fight with anyone. It is not the position we want to take.

"We genuinely need to find a solution. We have been in Formula One for 60 years, and we are behaving with a lot of responsibility to ensure the values of the sport remain.

"This is the reason why we feel it is important to look at it in this way. This is the approach we have taken, together with FOTA.

"We want to work together to find a way out of this moment that is not good for Formula One."

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