Lauda slates 'stupid' criticism

Sunday 13th April 2014



Lauda slates 'stupid' criticism

Lauda slates 'stupid' criticism

Niki Lauda has yet again hit out at those criticising F1, saying it is a "stupid approach" given they are selling a product.

Since the start of this season, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo have been two of the biggest naysayers.

While Ecclestone has slated the noise of the new engines, di Montezemolo has likened modern grand prix racing to "taxi" driving.

However, Lauda says it is "stupid" for both men to criticise sport given their stake in it succeeding.

"If Ron Howard would have said, 'I am making a 'Rush' movie, and I can tell you guys that this is the worst movie I ever made', then this is what was happening to Formula 1," the triple World Champ said in an interview with Autosport.

"If he had said it before the movie came out, then nobody would have gone to see it.

"So what we are doing now, because of these different influences, is destroying our own sport.

"I think it all started in Australia because the organisers complained about the noise level, and Bernie has complained from day one about the noise.

"Then it got its own dynamics and di Montezemolo came in and said there is not enough fuel.

"Out of this momentum everyone threw their own trouble in, and I have never seen such a stupid approach to a problem.

"How can you do that? I am talking as a normal person, I am not talking as someone from Mercedes. It is ridiculous."

The Mercedes non-executive chairman is now hoping that plans to increase the noise will quieten F1's detractors.

"If we would stop this bullshit ourselves, then it will go right away. The noise issue will stay, because fans always hear the noise, but the rest will disappear.

"And it should never have come to this point now where we destroy our own sport. That was my biggest concern."

However, he added, it's not really fair that some rivals are trying to get the rules changed claiming noise when it is really due to Mercedes' dominant start to the Championship.

"I do not care who wins, but it is extremely unfair now if everyone moans and bitches because the first races were won by Mercedes," he continued.

"Red Bull and [Sebastian] Vettel bored everybody over the last half of the season by winning nine races, and nobody said anything. That is unfair.

"Thank god, I can only say, that after last year's Red Bull dominance that there is somebody else now. That is the best you can do to a sport, so leave it alone."

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