Drivers call for softer tyres

Thursday 05-June-2014 19:40

A group of leading drivers have called on Pirelli to make their tyres softer, claiming the current tyres are too hard for the 2014 cars.

Two-time Champion Fernando Alonso of Ferrari complained about the tyres during the recent Monaco Grand Prix.

"They are too hard, it's no secret... When Pirelli bring normal tyres they get good grip within two or three laps, but when they bring harder tyres it takes eight or nine laps," the Spaniard said.

"But this is what we have, it's the same for everybody so we need to make them work better than the others."

Mexican Sergio Perez of Force India has also criticised Pirelli for supplying the wrong tyres.

"They can maybe go a step softer into the compounds, because if you analyse it, in many races we have done this year, we could have brought the softer compounds," Perez said.

"It will be more enjoyable for the driver and it will give more options and more changing positions on the strategy."

Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery said they were open to switching to softer tyres. But, he pointed out that it was a year ago that the drivers called for harder tyres following a spate of high-speed punctures.

"It's a case of moving slowly on a lot of these items simply because you need to know if you've achieved what you set out to achieve," he said.

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